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Project Clothes Swap

Ayush Chopra – Adobe

This Sneak unveils a concept that uses AI to optimize the content workflow for clothing retailers and the shopping experience for customers. To satiate consumer demand, online fashion retailers push more and more styles out each quarter. A brand like Zara, for instance, churns out 12,000 new designs a year. A lot of time is spent photographing the clothing on models, so shoppers see them on a human body. To make this easier, Adobe introduces Project Clothes Swap in Adobe Experience Manager. With this tool, brands would simply need a repository of model shots. Project Clothes Swap would then use AI to intuitively place each new item of clothing on different body types and angles. It could also be used to create variations that promote more diversity in online images — a recent study showed that over 75% of female shoppers prefer brands that feature variety in their ads. Consumers could use the same technology to put together a full outfit on one model or even see the outfit on an uploaded photo of themselves.

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