What’s New

In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, keeping your app up-to-date guarantees that you’ll always have the latest and greatest new features.


  • Acrobat Android: none

  • Acrobat iOS:

o Intune and enterprise mobile management enhancements, including support for OneDrive as well as the ability to fine tune access to 3rd party clouds and Document Cloud. o OneDrive access from within the app. o 2 up page view. I haven’t been able to figure out what this is yet…

  • Scan Android and iOS: none


  • Acrobat Android: None that I know of. Ask Shilpi/Neha to verify. Report back if you learn something.

  • Acrobat iOS: don’t see anything end user facing. Phased rollout of changes.

  • Scan Android

o Organize files: new icons showing actions, folders inline with docs, users can see parent folders when in a subfolder so it’s easier to navigate. Can easily create folders in folder on the fly (and rename). Empty folder graphic shows what’s empty. Can move folders around on the fly via context menu. Can select any number of files/folders and move all at once. Can also delete folders via context menu. Folder actions are stored in DC so the changes propagate across all platforms. o Protected file handling: Don’t have details: contact Claudio Vo or Andrey Efremov. o Quick actions: during a scan workflow, menu appears below which allows emailing, calling, selecting text, etc.. Skips a lot of steps and allows workflows with other apps with less steps (launching phone app, email app, etc.). OCR must be enabled. Disabling OCR disables quick actions because the latter depends on the former. Contact Owen Cui. • Scan iOS: o Ability to rotate images when cropping. o Ability to adjust scanned document size after scanning. Identical with what Android already rolled out.

September, 2020

Liquid Mode is officially released!. The new view mode enhances your PDF layout and adds features on-the-fly to help you easily read documents on your phone and tablet It’s AI technology evolves and improves the Liquid Mode experience as it learns over time. Liquid Mode provides the following features:

  • A flowable layout that mimics HTML pages on the web

  • Tap images to zoom in

  • Linked outline view

  • Collapsible content sections (accordion widgets)

  • Back to top button at the document end

  • And more!

August, 2020

  • Save a copy: You can now save files to any 3rd party connected storage–not just Document Cloud. Simply tap overflowicon for any file, tap Save a Copy, select a location, and tap Save.

  • Fill & Sign auto-pan: Auto-pan during form filling for documents that don’t fit on the screen streamlines the user experience on small form factor devices.

  • Smaller app size!: The team reduced the apps installed footprint by about 19%.