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Updated Jan 20, 2017.

Acrobat Release Notes (Android)

Only the latest release is supported. The information below is intended to show the evolution of the product. In addition to the major, new features listed here, every release includes bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements.

15.3: Dec. , 2015

  • Size: 22.23 MB
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Support for Android 6.x

This release adds support for Android 6.x.

Signature synchronization across clients

An all-new signature sync feature streamlines your signing workflows by making your preferred signature appearance available on all clients. Once your appearance is stored in the cloud, your experience is consistent across the desktop, the web, and all mobile apps, including Acrobat Reader, Fill & Sign, and e-Sign Manager. All clients support both image and hand drawn signatures. Learn more about signatures. . .

Create signature dialog

Signature capture with a camera

You can now sign using images on your device. Capture a signature with your camera or use screenshots and images from your gallery to craft a signature that fits your style. When creating a new signature, simply tap the camera or gallery icon to instantly grab a new photo or image.

Accessibility support

Accessibility was a key focus for this release, and Acrobat Reader provides the following new features:

  • The entire UI is now accessible, including all dialogs.
  • All UI elements have a navigational order.
  • All screen elements are navigable using standard gestures in all screens, including the sign in screen.
  • Dialogs are navigable using accessibility gestures.
  • The primary focus element on each screen is selected when you navigate to that screen.

Accessibility and tagged PDF

In tandem with Acrobat Reader's accessibility support, the product is now also more capable in its consumption of tagged PDF files. Improved handling of document structure order and extracted text result in a better experience with your device's Read Out Loud capabilities.

Enhanced Reflow Mode

Reflow mode enhancements provide a faster and more natural reading experience. Reflowed PDF pages larger than one screen can now be continuously scrolled with a vertical swipe, and the vertical scrollbar corresponds to the page's reflowed height. Scrolling stops when at the page's boundary. Zooming in and out reflows page text while page transition animations help you understand your location in the document. The product also remembers the current document zoom level even if you close and reopen Acrobat Reader, and changing to another view mode preserves the page number.

Improved Night Mode

Night Mode enhancements provide a better reading experience where all UI items are consistently rendered in a dark color.

Intune support for enterprise

This release supports Intune, Microsoft's Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution. Intune provides mobile device and application management from the cloud. If asked to do so by your enterprise administrator, you can install Acrobat Reader for Intune, Microsoft's Intune allows admins to deploy an application that's secure and which also adheres to their company's enterprise policies.

July, 2015

Streamlined workflows from the Viewer

Acrobat Reader now provides easier access to view mode settings, commenting tools, and share tools. When a document first opens, the toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. While viewing and working with a document, simply tap the screen to show both the top and bottom menus.

  • Tap to show the View Modes menu.
  • Tap to display all the commenting tools.
  • Tap to display the Share menu.

Bottom menu

Fill & Sign support for Forms

Users with Android version 5.0 and later can now use the Fill & Sign signature and share tools on any open Acroform. Tapping on Fill & Sign when no document is open invokes the full Fill & Sign application.

Enhanced page navigation

A new page scrubber uses less screen space while making it easier to scroll between pages and identify what page you're viewing. Tapping the scrubber displays the Go To page dialog which now also provides a link to the last viewed page.

Scrubber bar for scrolling through a document

Multiple page select in Organize mode

The Organize feature now enables you to select any number of pages for rotate or delete page operations. A handy counter at the top of the screen keeps track of how many pages you've selected.

Selecting multiple pages with the Organize tool

Updated signature panel

The simplified signature panel now displays the Adobe eSign logo and Done and Clear buttons. The changes are designed to make the signing experience consistent across the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Signature panel

Better text reflow

Improvements in the way text is reflowed during page resize changes means a better user experience as well as performance. Pinch gestures result in a continuous scaling of the display (without reflow) which allows visual feedback for the approximate text size. On release, the application automatically chooses the right font and reflows the text as needed. Other improvements include better space handling, image location control, and annotation handling.

Android for Work

Support for Android for Work is Acrobat Reader's first of many enhancements that support Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). EMM allows enterprises to provide a secure and productive mobile experience to employees by separating work data from the personal data. IT admins can remotely configure Acrobat Reader features, and this release lets admins disable copying text and printing.

April, 2015

Enhanced DC product family integration

To simplify workflows, the Acrobat Document Cloud product family now shares a common user interface with similar icons, product naming, and improved services integration across the desktop, mobile devices, and the cloud. Easy and flexible subscription programs enable users to select only the features they need to get the job done.

Streamlined menus

The updated user interface not only provides a consistent look and feel across devices, but new menus designed to help you get more done in less steps. A new Tool Switcher gets you to needed features fast. Tool submenus give you exactly the right options to get the job done.

Organize pages

Open a PDF and tap to easily reorder pages, delete and rotate pages, and undo-redo changes.

Mobile Link

Mobile Link enables access to recently opened files from work, home, or on the go. Since Mobile Link synchronizes your recent files list automatically, you can easily open needed PDFs on any mobile device, computer or on the web without needing to email or copy files. Advanced options also help you to control cellular data usage.

Quick file access

One tap of the Floating Action Button on Home lets you easily open any local file. You can also open or upload files stored in any connected cloud, including Adobe’s Document Cloud, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on using the integrated System File Browser on Android versions 4.4 and above.

Improved Create PDF UI

There are now multiple ways to easily create a PDF. Invoke the Create PDF workflow from the Home or the Tool Switcher. A list of recently created PDFs appear at the bottom of the Create PDF UI.

Improved Export PDF UI

There are now multiple ways to easily export a PDF. Invoke the Export PDF workflow from the Home or the Tool Switcher. A list of recently exported PDFs appear at the bottom of the Export PDF UI.

Creative Cloud access

A new Creative Cloud tab allows you to browse, open, and work with files stored in the Creative Cloud.

Fast and simple file browsing

A new Home view enables quick access to files listed under Recent, Document Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Outbox. Quick sliding tabs speed file selection.

Support for enterprise IDs

In addition to Adobe ID support, Acrobat DC products now support enterprise IDs and federated IDs. This feature allows enterprise more flexible sign-in options, enhanced integration with existing infrastructure, and better user management.