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Updated Feb 20, 2019.

10.1.4 Planned update, Aug 14, 2012

This release is a planned update for the products listed in the table below. The latest version is always available through the product’s update mechanism, from the enterprise FTP site, and for some languages, from the Reader Download Center.

Available installers

Windows installers
Product Type Installer Size Language Install over...
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatUpd1014.msp 100 MB All but tier 5 10.0 or later
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatUpd1014_me.msp 83.3 MB Tier 5 10.0 or later
Reader Planned update AdbeRdrUpd1014_MUI.msp 15 MB All 10.0 MUI or later
Reader Planned update AdbeRdrUpd1014.msp 12.5 MB All 10.1 or later
Reader Full AdbeRdr1014_<lang_ID>.exe 49-58 MB EN, FR, DE, JA, ES N/A
Macintosh installers
Product Type Installer Size Language Install over...
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatUpd1014.dmg 137 MB All but tier 5 10.0 or later
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatUpd1014_me.dmg 114 MB Tier 5 10.0 or later
Reader Planned update AdbeRdrUpd1014.dmg 104 MB All 10.0 or later
Reader Full AdbeRdr1014_en_US.dmg 69.4 MB EN N/A

Security bulletin

This release provides mitigations for vulnerabilities described in the security bulletin at http://www.adobe.com/go/apsb12-16.



Like Reader 10.1 and later, Acrobat 10.1.4 installs ARMsvc.exe as part of the Updater on Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008, Acrobat 10.1.4. The new service enables silent and automatic updates on machines where a user has configured the application for automatic updates. The service eliminates information dialogs prior to updates. In enterprise settings, IT can use DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL=1 to prevent the installation of the ARM service.

Adobe online services

  • UI elements associated with Adobe online services integrated with the product are more visible in the Tools pane.
  • Reader’s Export PDF service now supports conversion to .doc and .rtf.


Adobe Reader supports Mutual Authentication when LiveCycle Rights Management server has Mutual Authentication enabled. Mutual Authentication is also known as two-way SSL. By default, in SSL only server’s certificate is validated. In the case of mutual authentication, the client also needs to authenticate via PKI for any communication with the server.

Prior to this release, Adobe Reader supports authentication to LC server via application layer authentication mechanisms like password, Kerberos and public key certificates. SSL is currently employed purely for LiveCycle server authentication/verification. SSL supports authentication of the client via client supplied certificates at the network layer. The feature uses this network layer information to authenticate Adobe Reader to the ALCRM server.


The online help system is now accessible when the user is behind an authenticating proxy. Configuration involves setting the following preferences:


32-bit: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\FeatureState]
64-bit: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\FeatureState]


32-bit: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\10.0\FeatureState]
64-bit: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Acrobat Reader \10.0\FeatureState]

Bug fixes

Browser performance and support

  • 3186477: Forms rendered by LiveCycle FormsIVS, and other interactive PDFs do not display in the browser on machines with a French OS.
  • 3205703: Stability is improved for Reader Enabled PDF forms viewed in a browser.
  • 3083363: PDFs viewed in a browser LiveCycle Workspaces hangs when a web service call is made in the exit handler.
  • 3154101: Linearized PDF browser download performance using Fast Web View is slower than 9.x products.
  • 3109556: The Reader browser plugin has a limit of 490 web service calls from a PDF.
  • 3111436: for PDFs in IE the open parameter “#toolbar=0” is not honored when using the OBJECT tag on second document load.


  • 3147502: Product performance slows when using a pen-pad and 3rd party software to sign a document multiple times in a single session.


  • 3153925: In Reader, enabling Javascript one-time only from the Yellow Message Bar doesn’t work.
  • 3169993: The JS API exportAsFDF result in a NotAllowedError run from some applications embedded in a Reader ActiveX control.
  • 3230098: Acrobat’s Protected View prevents email PDF Attachments from opening in Lotus Notes.

Rendering and PDF display

  • 3198279: 10.x products can copy watermarks (this was supported in 9.x products).
  • 3155773: Links whose text includes field text from the destination bookmark are transferred to subsequent text in resulting PDF.


  • 3021528: Unable to delete pages after Save.
  • 3135768: Link Properties dialog will not open for MS-created PDF’s Link Annotations.
  • 3178253: Dynamic stamps that require user input are recognized across the complete review workflow.

Technical details

Go to the Release Notes Home for information about the following:

  • How to update
  • Update order
  • Definition of release types
  • System requirements
  • Language Support
  • Compatibility
  • Product end-of-life schedule