What’s New

In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, keeping your app up-to-date guarantees that you’ll always have the latest and greatest new features.

August, 2020

  • Save as JPEG: While files automatically save as PDF, you can also save individual pages as JPEG files to your gallery. Simply tap on a file’s overflowicon icon and choose Save as JPEG from the context menu.

  • Rich file renaming: The scan app now provides a simplified way to set the default file name. You can also rename files on the fly, but both methods allow you to enter a customer name as well as build one using suggestions such date and scan type fields. For details, see Setting the default filename.

January, 2020

  • Advanced file and content search: You can now search for files by name, date, or document type and use filters to further narrow the result. Search for content across all files.

  • Comment scans in Acrobat: Improved integration with Acrobat enables commenting a shared file. Simply tap the comment icon, comment in Acrobat, and tap Done. The shared file with comments is automatically saved in Adobe Scan.

  • Improved boundary detection and image cleanup as well as a feature survey that allows users to provide feedback.