What’s New

In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, keeping your app up-to-date guarantees that you’ll always have the latest and greatest new features.

October, 2019

  • The Home screen redesign promotes ease of use by placing your latest scan and common tools front and center. Open your last scan, select a tool, or capture a new scan.
  • A new cleanup tool allows you to manually erase artifacts, shadows, and any other objects. With a quick swipe of your finger, unwanted items disappear.
  • For users of iOS 13+, Acrobat supports themes. Dark mode’s high contrast display may improve readability in low light environments as well as extend battery life. For some users, dark mode is an important accessibility feature that maintains color meaning and preserves image representation better than the night mode feature.

May, 2019

  • Select from four camera modes, Whiteboard, Form, Document or Business Card, to capture the perfect scan.
  • Crop options (border adjustments): Auto detect, no crop, rotate.
  • A new “Crop In Capture UI” displays the crop options after a scan. If a user doesn’t use the feature for two captures, then the app shows an “Adjust Borders” preference dialog with options to always show or hide the crop options during future scans.
  • New app settings for post capture cropping.
  • New thumbnail experience: long press the thumbnails on the capture screen to view and/or delete the last three scans.
  • Enhanced document border detection accuracy.
  • Better performance and stability.

March, 2019

  • Select multiple files for sharing. For example, you can now share links and copies of scans from any sharing workflow.
  • Support for Siri means you can spend less time performing repetitive tasks and more time performing meaningful actions. You can record shortcuts directly from the app, use Siri’s shortcuts and suggestions from the notification screen, Spotlight search, etc., and leverage any of Siri’s advanced capabilities such as scripting.

December, 2018

  • From the All Scans list, you can now tap overflowicon > Select to enter multiple selection mode. Tap any number of scans to delete or share multiple files.
  • More options when canceling a scan: When you cancel an in-progress scan (tap X), a dialog provides options for adjusting document borders, retaking the last photo, and disabling auto-capture.
  • Edge detection improvements enhance the quality of scans created from imported Live Photos.

September, 2018

  • Tap Fill & Sign to open a scan in Acrobat and add form fields such as text fields and checkboxes. You can fill out the form and sign it, or you can send it other for completion and signing.

  • Scan multiple business cards into a single file and then import that data into your device’s contact list. The scan app now supports French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Document capture is enhanced:

    • Quality: Boundary detection is improved.
    • Streamlined workflows: The app has UI for helping users crop scans and adjust borders.