PDF Tools API Licensing

Licensing Metrics & Free Trial

The PDF Tools API provides a free trial program so that you can take a deep dive into its cool features at zero cost. Trial users get free credentials that enable processing of 1000 PDF Transactions for up to 6 months. A PDF Transaction is based on the initial endpoint request (i.e., API call) and the document output. For detailed licensing metrics, please see the tables above.

Processing is calculated on a per PDF Transaction basis.

Example 1:

  • Converting a ten-page Word document into PDF consumes 1 PDF Transaction of the trial quota.

  • 1 (Operation: convert) x 1 (document) = 1 PDF Transaction

Example 2:

  • Combining 20 single page documents into one PDF and then running OCR on the PDF consumes 2 PDF Transactions of the trial quota.

  • 1 (Operation: combine) x 1 (document) + 1 (Operation: OCR) x 1 (document) = 2 PDF Transactions

This generous allowance of processing power should allow you to get up and running with the easy-to-use APIs with little investment.

Paid credentials enable a greater processing quota and require entering into a separate written agreement. To learn more, Contact Us.