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Updated Apr 23, 2019.

Getting Started

This guide describes configuration and deployment of the Acrobat family of products for use with digital signatures. It’s goal is to help administrators and other business users set up and deploy secure signature workflows. Potential audiences might include:

This document does not contain end user “how to use the feature” Help content or developer content found in the SDK .

Other resources

In addition to this document and other resources available from the Enterprise Toolkit, see the information below.


Note that some legacy and technical details reside in other documentation. These changes are designed to reduce the scope and number of pages in this document, thereby improving it’s usability.


Developers should refer to the SDK and its associated references and APIs.

Developer documentation
Document Description
Acrobat SDK Documentation Roadmap A guide to the documentation in the Adobe Acrobat SDK.
Acrobat and PDF Library API Reference A description of the APIs for Acrobat and Adobe Reader plug-ins, as well as for PDF Library applications.
JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference A listing of the Acrobat JavaScript APIs.
Developing Acrobat Applications with JavaScript Additional detail about the Acrobat JavaScript APIs.
PDF Reference 1.x A detailed description of the PDF language.
FDF Data Exchange Specification A object-level FDF file description. The files can be generated programmatically and used to share security-related data.
PDF Signature Build Dictionary Specification Build properties for the PDF Reference’s signature dictionary which provides interoperability details for 3rd party handlers.
Digital Signature Appearances Guidelines for creating signatures programmatically.
Guidelines for Developing CSPs for Acrobat on Windows Guidelines for developing a Cryptographic Service Provider for use with Acrobat on the Windows platform.
Digital Signatures in the PDF Language A description of how signatures are represented in a PDF.
Digital Signatures in Acrobat A description of how signatures are implemented in Acrobat.

End users

This guide provides details that are probably not of interest to the casual user. End users should refer to the following resources which contain tutorials, guides, videos, blogs, and other help: