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Acrobat Reader's support for Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) continues to expand. By separating work data from personal data, EMM helps enterprises secure data and make workflows that span mobile devices more efficient. Moreover, IT admins can remotely configure Acrobat Reader features with Mobile Device Management applications.

Enterprise features include:

For details, see the Enterprise Guide for Acrobat Reader on Mobile.

Android for Work iconAndroid for Work

Support for Android for Work means that admins can control certain Acrobat Reader features from their preferred MDM console. Support is evolving and currently includes controlling PDF copying and printing. For details, see the Mobile Guide for Enterprise.

Android for work image

Intune iconAcrobat Reader for Intune

Adobe provides a separate client that supports Microsoft's EMM solution: Acrobat Reader for Intune. Intune helps admins deploy applications, manage groups and policies, and secure data through a central console. End users can install both an Intune and non-Intune Acrobat Reader on their device, thereby keeping work and personal data in separate locations. For details, see the Mobile Guide for Enterprise.

Microsoft Intune console

Support for AppConfig

The latest versions of Acrobat Reader for iOS and Android support AppConfig, a framework which streamlines configuration and deployment via participating EMM vendors., including MobileIron and Airwatch with which it has been tested and certified. The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry-leading EMM solution providers and app developers that have come together to make it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business. Acrobat is part of the community, and it’s EMM features are built with AppConfig practices. Acrobat Reader’s support for AppConfig means that you can leverage existing EMM infrastructure and streamline Acrobat Reader deployments. For details, see the Mobile Guide for Enterprise.

JavaScript APIs and forms

Acrobat Reader supports a subset of the APIs which are supported by the desktop product. Current support includes form calculations, data validation, and data formatting. For details, see the JavaScript API Reference