Welcome to the Adobe® Acrobat® Portfolio SDK. Acrobat Portfolio SDK provides new developer tools to build PDF Portfolio layouts (navigators) using Adobe Flash® Builder™ and Adobe Flash Professional environments. Using these tools, developers and designers can now leverage their existing ActionScript and Flex skills to create customized PDF Portfolio layouts for use in Adobe Acrobat X.
Now the Flash community can target their client deliverables to the PDF ecosystem and Adobe Reader platform. Acrobat Portfolio SDK extends the Adobe Flex® 4.1 SDK and provides tools for the Flash Builder 4 environment
Getting Started
Follow these steps to get started with the Acrobat Portfolio SDK:
2. Install Acrobat Portfolio SDK and plugins in your Flash Builder programming environment.
3. Run the Create Navigator Project wizard.
4. Use ActionScript and the Acrobat Portfolio SDK to program your Navigator.
5. Test and debug your Navigator using the Debug Adobe Navigator wizards.
6. Export your Navigator as a Navigator (*.nav) file.
7. Import your Navigator into a PDF Portfolio using Acrobat X Pro.
8. Ask questions or share your feedback in the Acrobat Portfolio SDK forum
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What is the Acrobat Portfolio SDK?
It is a collection of plugins for a Flash Builder 4 / Eclipse-based environment that developers can use to build and debug PDF Portfolio layouts for use in Acrobat X Pro.
What are the features of the SDK?
The features of the Acrobat Portfolio SDK are:
● New Project Wizard in Flash Builder 4 — The New Project Wizard is an extension that automates the process of creating a basic navigator project. After running the wizard, you’ll have a basic layout with all the code and resources you need to compile, package and deploy for use in Acrobat X. This is based on one of the layouts that ship with Acrobat X, so you know it’s been tested and is ready to go.
● Flash Builder Debugger — Full debugger support in Flash Builder 4.
● Previewer Application — The Previewer Application is an AIR-based simulation of the Acrobat and Reader PDF Portfolio runtime. It allows you to test your Layout in various flavors of Acrobat and in Reader with a virtual PDF. It even lets you test your custom properties, metadata, permissions and localization strings, all without loading your Layout into Acrobat itself.
● Export Wizard — The Export Wizard packages all needed resources for your custom Layout into a single .nav file. A debug version can be deployed to Acrobat for further testing or a release build can be created for distribution.
● Flash Professional FLA template — A template FLA for Flash Professional to create customized Themes that can be imported into a PDF Portfolio.
Who should try the SDK?
This tool is great for anyone who wants to leverage their Flex/Flash skills to design and debug custom PDF Portfolio layouts and/or themes to meet client needs that call for collections of content delivered with an immersive consumption experience.
Which platforms are supported?
Being a plugin to Flash Builder 4, which runs on Eclipse, it runs on all platforms that support Flash Builder 4 and Eclipse 3.5.
Where can I post issues and comments?
Please use the forum ask questions and post issues/comments.
System Requirements
This plugin will work with any development environment that has Flash Builder 4 installed on Eclipse 3.5.