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Getting Started with Flash Media Server 2 is a PDF-only book intended for web developers who are just getting started with Adobe Flash Media Server 2 and the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) for streaming media—as well as for anyone doing administrative work with Flash-related content. While not a reference, this step-by-step guide contains chapters that focus on specific aspects of the server and how they work.
The first chapter takes you though the installation procedures on Windows and Linux, explains how to organize your development environment using Apache web server, how to test your Flash Media Server 2 connections, and how to use the management console.
Subsequent chapters dive right into the following topics:
  • Recording and playing back streaming audio and video
  • Camera and microphone settings
  • Non-persistent client-side remote shared objects
  • Two-way audio-video communications
  • Broadcasting and server-side bandwidth control
  • Working with server-side files: the file class
  • Server-side shared objects
  • Server-side audio and video streaming
  • Server-side loadvars, XML, and working with configuration files
At the heart of every chapter is a core set of code that shows the minimum requirements needed for different procedures.
This O'Reilly PDF book is available for purchase from the O'Reilly store.
Server-side streams
Chapter 9 covers server-side streams and especially the Stream object—the heart and soul of audio/video in Flash Media Server 2. It's the server-side equivalent to the NetStream object. Using the Stream object, sometimes in conjunction with the client-side NetStream object, you have far more options than with just NetStream alone. For example, in a broadcast, you can switch the stream from one broadcast source to another and have both publish live and record simultaneously. Imagine an "anchor" with several "reporters" and recorded video. The anchor would be able to switch from the camera on her to the camera on a reporter in the field to recorded FLV files.
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