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3 August 2009

Online video is a growing phenomenon. Record numbers of people are going online to watch everything from user-generated videos and breaking news events to television programs and full-length movies. Gone are the days of waiting for a program to air; consumers can now choose from a plethora of high-quality content, available on demand.

From advertising-funded videos to subscriptions to pay-per-view, content providers are adapting a variety of business models to monetize content in the online world. As an owner or distributor of premium commercial content, such as films and TV shows, you must ensure that hackers do not bypass your business model or violate your copyrights.

Content protection solutions help create and preserve revenue streams, maintain copyright, and preserve content integrity or privacy. For instance, hackers may attempt to bypass payment in a pay-per-view model. Others may try to rip your content for redistribution. Worse, someone could try to make money from pirated content, or may introduce their own advertising or branding but skip paying content licenses or bandwidth fees by piggybacking on your distribution platform. In an enterprise situation, a disgruntled employee may be tempted to post valuable or private company information on public video sites.

Finding the right balance between user experience and content protection is critical. Adobe offers a number of solutions to help secure online video while creating an intuitive and engaging user experience.

This white paper presents Adobe Flash Media Server content protection features and best practices, and introduces Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server.

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Topics covered:

  • Overview of Adobe video distribution solutions
  • Best practices for effective content protection
  • Flash Media Server content protection features
  • Persistent content protection with Flash Media Rights Management Server
  • Flash Media Rights Management Server content protection features
  • Comparison between Flash Media Rights Management Server and Flash Media Server

Flash Media Rights Management Server lets you protect and control access to premium commercial content with branded rich media applications that help generate new revenue or reach new audiences. It gives you the flexibility, reach, and development tools to develop a range of innovative business models, while persistently protecting content. With video playback applications built on Adobe AIR, consumers can enjoy access to more quality online media through an intuitive, convenient, and engaging interface, including playing content from their local content library.


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