Getting started

Refer to the tutorials and resources on this page to get started with Adobe Media Server.

Basic concepts in depth
Read about the real-time media server that delivers streaming music, video blogging, video messaging, multimedia chat environments, real-time datacasting, and multiuser gaming to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Apple iOS, and Mac OS.
Get an overview of capturing and broadcasting live video, broadcasting recorded video, multicasting live video within the enterprise, broadcasting video with advertising, and integrating video with interactive applications.
Build your skills
Learn how to use the various features of Adobe Media Server by drilling down on specific topics.
Walk through the steps of a basic installation of the server for development purposes. (Updated for FMS 4.5)
Learn the basics of streaming a video using the new video-on-demand service.
Learn about basic audio streaming using the new FLVPlayback 2.5 component as well as ActionScript 3.
Create a live video stream from your webcam or other source using Flash and Flash Media Live Encoder.
Set up a dynamic streaming environment and sample application without any coding.
Read this video compression guide to understand F4V-specific settings in Adobe Media Encoder and Flash Media Encoding Server.