Check out these samples from Adobe and the Adobe Media Server community, showing what you can accomplish with Adobe Media Server.

Exporting instant, edited on-demand highlights clips during live events with Flash Media Interactive Server

Jens Loeffler (Feb 08, 2010)

Examine this sample application that's an editing module for live events without requiring DVR features on a content delivery network.

RealEyes OSMF Player Sample – Part 1: Setup and deployment

David Hassoun, John Crosby (Jun 14, 2010)

Discover the Open Source Media Framework's capabilities for building and skinning custom media players through the RealEyes OSMF Player Sample project.

RealEyes OSMF Player Sample – Part 2: Building and configuration

David Hassoun, John Crosby (Jun 23, 2010)

Through the example of a simple video player, discover the architecture of the REOPS project and see how it uses the OSMF to provide power and flexible media player functionality.

RealEyes OSMF Player Sample – Part 3: Skinning and control bar system

David Hassoun, John Crosby (Jun 29, 2010)

Take a walk through the REOPS skinning and control bar system to see how it works and how to customize it for your purposes.

Building streaming video players in Flash with Open Source Media Framework

R Blank (Dec 21, 2009)

Follow these lessons to learn the concepts required to build a fully functioning streaming video player authored from scratch using OSMF and Flash.

Live dynamic streaming and DVR for non-developers

Jens Loeffler (Aug 31, 2009)

Set up a dynamic streaming environment and sample application without any coding.

Creating a video sharing web application using Flex, Flash Media Server, and Flash Media Encoding Server

Jens Loeffler (Aug 04, 2009)

Follow these steps to roll your own app that uploads, transcodes, and streams video.

Understanding live DVR – Part 1: Implementing a live DVR player

David Hassoun (Feb 23, 2009)

Learn the importance of live DVR to consumers and publishers by building a sample video player application that leverages the live DVR capabilities of Flash Media Server 3.5.

Understanding live DVR – Part 2: Using DVRCast with Flash Media Live Encoder 3

David Hassoun (May 23, 2009)

Understand the new DVRCast Flash Media Server application by building a sample live DVR video player that utilizes the updated FLVPlayback 2.5 component and Flash Media Live Encoder 3.

Creating your first desktop instant messenger using Adobe AIR, Flash Media Server, and WebORB.NET

Robert A. Colvin (Dec 20, 2007)

Stream audio and video in your own IM chat application using this sample project.


(Nov 13, 2010)

Creating a video player using the state design pattern and ActionScript 3.0

William B. Sanders (May 23, 2007)

Learn about design patterns from this simple two-state video player, and then add more states by adapting the application to run on Flash Media Server 2.

Building a live DJ application for MP3 files

Graeme Bull (Jan 29, 2007)

Learn how to build a simple streaming application that allows users to play MP3 files on a server.

Webcasting live video with Flash Media Live Encoder

Greg Hamer (May 23, 2007)

Get a quick overview of setting up a live webcast using Flash Media Live Encoder and Flash Media Server, and then create a playback SWF file to embed in your web page.

Manipulating Web Services with Flash Media Server

Robert A. Colvin (May 22, 2006)

Learn to use web services in Flash Media Server 2 to interface with complex result sets.

Flash 8 template: Creating a dynamic playlist for streaming Flash video

Lisa Larson-Kelley (Mar 27, 2006)

Create a dynamic playlist for streaming video in Flash 8. This XML-based approach is perfect if you ever need to display multiple video clips but you don't want to edit your Flash source code every time you add new video content.

Using File Object for Video on Demand and MP3 Playback

Robert Sandie (Dec 12, 2005)

Explore new server-side properties in Flash Media Server 2 as an alternative to XML-driven playback lists.