This third release of the Adobe After Effects 7.0 SDK contains header changes designed to prevent binary incompatiblity problems between plug-ins built with CodeWarrior and those built with XCode. There should be no functional change to your plug-ins.

All samples and documentation have been updated in the Adobe After Effects 7.0r3 SDK. The addition of SmartFX effect messaging enables 32 bit-per-channel effects processing. Numerous AEGP API enhancements improve After Effects' inter-application responsiveness. Please see the Readme file for more information.

After Effects SDK Readme file (PDF, 32 KB)


Full After Effects 7.0r3 SDK download:

System and software requirements


Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Mac OS

Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later (10.4 Universal SDK), and XCode 2.4.1 or later. Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 9.3 sample projects are no longer provided.

You will also need Adobe Reader software to view the PDF documentation.

After Effects 6.5 developer support

Support for development specific to version 6.5 ended July 17, 2006.

For support information, contact After Effects API Engineering.