Download the After Effects CS6 SDK
Macintosh or Windows

The After Effects CS6 release 1 Software Development Kit contains headers defining the After Effects APIs, sample projects demonstrating integration features, and the SDK Guide documentation.

Effect plug-ins described in the SDK can not only run in After Effects, but also Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements.  AEGP plug-ins can manipulate nearly every element of After Effects projects, preferences, trigger internal commands, and call scripts.  EMP plug-ins can output video to video hardware.

What's new

Better parameter UI handling using PF_PUI_INVISIBLE and PF_ParamFlag_SKIP_REVEAL_WHEN_UNHIDDEN. Effects that provide custom UI can now receive PF_Event_MOUSE_EXITED.  New PF_AreStatesIdentical callback to compare parameter states.

Better support for trial mode rendering of watermarks, using PF_OutFlag2_OUTPUT_IS_WATERMARKED. Effects that depend on masks now have a new flag available, PF_OutFlag2_DEPENDS_ON_UNREFERENCED_MASKS.

3D is a major theme of AE CS6. A new AEGP_LayerFlag_ENVIRONMENT_LAYER has been added. Many new layer streams were added, some have been renamed for clarity.

AEGP Mask Suite provides functions to get and set the mask feather falloff type. AEGP Mask Outline Suite and provides access to get and set mask outline feather information.

The new AEGP Render Queue Monitor Suite provides all the info a render queue manager needs to figure out what is happening at any point in a render. AEGP Render Suite has a new function to get the GUID for a render receipt.

Unicode support for PF_GET_PLATFORM_DATA, for getting the wide character path of the executable and resource file.

AEGP Comp Suite has some updated functions that optionally auto-select newly created text layers.  Two new read-only Dynamic Stream flags: AEGP_DynStreamFlag_SHOWN_WHEN_EMPTY and AEGP_DynStreamFlag_SKIP_REVEAL_WHEN_UNHIDDEN.

For effects running in Premiere Pro CS6, we have added the ability to get 32-bit float and YUV frames from PF_CHECKOUT_PARAM.

See the section What's New in CS6, in chapter 1 of the After_Effects_SDK_Guide.pdf, for further information.

System and software requirements


Microsoft Windows 7 64 and Visual Studio 2008 SP 1

Mac OS

Mac OS 10.5.7 or later and XCode 3.1, or Mac OS 10.6 and XCode 3.2

You will also need Adobe Reader software to read the PDF documentation

Developer support

For questions on using the SDK to develop a plug-in for After Effects, please visit the After Effects SDK Forum.

SDKs are generally supported for six months following the release of the next major version of the SDK. The After Effects CS6 SDK is supported through December 2013.