Where can I get the Adobe AIR SDK?
The AIR SDK is a free download available from the Adobe AIR SDK download page.
Where can I get the Adobe AIR for iOS runtime?
There is no concept of a shared runtime for Adobe AIR on iOS. The runtime is bundled with every application created for iOS, at the time of packaging.
What is the minimum namespace to use for AIR on iOS applications?
The minimum namespace to use for AIR on iOS applications is 2.6.
Which Adobe tools include support for developing applications for AIR on iOS?
Adobe Flash Builder or Adobe Flash Professional can be used to develop applications targeted for iOS.
How can I overlay an AIR SDK over Flex SDK to use in Flash Builder?
You may find the details of this here.
In Flash Professional CS6, can I use an AIR SDK without overlaying it?
Yes, you may use the 'Manage AIR SDK' option available in the Help menu for directly using an AIR SDK to package your application in Flash Professional CS6. For previous versions of Flash Pro, you need to overlay the AIR SDK using these steps.
Packaging and deployment
What are the various targets which can be used for packaging AIR on iOS applications?
The various targets are listed here.
Can I package and run applications on the iOS Simulator?
Yes. You can read about using the iOS Simulator to test and debug AIR applications here.
Is there any way I can deploy applications on my iOS device just for testing/debugging purposes without having a valid iOS certificate?
No. All applications deployed on device, even for testing purposes need to be signed with a valid certificate and provisioning profile, as described on this page
If a new AIR release comes up, is there any way my application can leverage it without having to repackage the app again?
No, since on iOS, applications use captive runtime, there is no way that the applications can use the features of a new AIR SDK without repackaging the application with the latest AIR SDK.
Native extensions
What if my native extension makes use of  frameworks or libraries not linked by default?
In this case, you need to specify the frameworks and libraries to be linked to in a platform descriptor file, as described here
If an iOS SDK is released before an AIR release, how can I leverage the advantages of the new iOS frameworks and libraries in my native extension?
For such use cases, ADT has a switch -platformsdk which can point to the path to the new iOS SDK on the user's machine. Linking to new frameworks and libraries is described here.
How can I debug Native Extensions on iOS?
To debug native extensions on iOS, you may use this link 
Can I directly link to ANEs in Flash Builder and Flash Pro?
Support for linking ANEs is available since Flash Builder 4.6 and Flash Professional CS 5.5.
What are entitlements and where should I use them?
You can find the details of using entitlements here.
Where can I find ready-to-use native extensions?
Some ready-to-use native extensions can be found here.
Where can I find the description of the latest features for AIR on iOS?
The latest features for AIR can be found here.