by Adobe

Adobe AIR


22 September 2008

Badger is a Flex application built on AIR that enables developers to easily create install badges for their applications (see Figure 1). The application was created by Grant Skinner for Adobe Systems, Inc.
Badger includes the following features:
  • Rapid configuration: Simply open the AIR file within the Badger application to retrieve information required for the install badge.
  • Visual configuration: Preview the badge and make any necessary changes.
  • Simple cut-and-paste deployment: Export and cut and paste the code to your web page.
Note: For more details on the AIR install badge, see David Tucker's article, Deploying AIR apps seamlessly with badge install. Also, be sure to check out Grant Skinner's custom install badge for AIR applications.

Getting started with Badger

Follow these steps to start using Badger:
  1. Download and install the Badger application, if you haven't done so already.
  2. Launch and read the Getting Started guide. The guide is displayed by default when you first launch the application. You can also access it by clicking the Help button.
  3. Choose a badge template. The default badge template is already part of the application. If you have another badge template, then choose that one instead.
  4. Open your Adobe AIR file. Badger will retrieve information from the AIR application.xml file. If the application is installed, then Badger will retrieve the publisher IDrequired for the Launch now feature.
    Note: If you want to disable the Launch now capability, remove the publisher ID.
  5. Preview and configure the install badge.
  6. Export the badge for use on your website.