This case study, by Rebellion, describes how Adobe's products were used to develop the game, Evil Genius Online.

Who wants to be good when you can be BAD?

In Evil Genius Online your goal is simple… complete and utter world domination!
Build a sprawling underground lair which you can shape and re-shape at any moment. Recruit an army of minions to do your bidding, and don’t be scared to make an example of them if their loyalty comes into question. Defend your base from pesky agents, develop super weapons and illicit technologies, and unleash global chaos!
Taking over the world is no mean feat, but you are not alone.  Players can form evil syndicates with friends and other players to share rare items and resources. But be careful – can you really trust another bad guy?
A re-imagining of the 2004 PC strategy classic “Evil Genius” (also owned by Rebellion), Evil Genius Online brings the series’ trademark strategy simulation, black humour and 70’s spy film vibe to a new generation of gamers on Facebook, as well as smartphones and tablets in the near future.
Developed with Flare3D Game Engine and Starling, using Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Builder, the game takes advantage of Stage3D capabilities to present an amazing 3D rendering through the powerful capabilities included in Flash Player. For EGO, Flash was essential to reach a wide range of Facebook users.

The art of balancing a social game

Developing a social game means keeping a lot of factors in mind, and dealing with many challenges such as social network issues , payments integration, building menu systems, animations, backend servers and data, lots of data that requires understanding, balancing, rebalancing and continuous testing.
During the prototype stage we looked at various rendering engines for Flash, and quickly decided that Flare3D was the best option for us and the project. It’s a great tool for rapid prototyping which was essential during the initial phases of development. We managed to put together the first working prototype extremely quickly. Flare3D integrated seamlessly into our ActionScript 3 framework and we were able to hit the ground running.  As soon the game was green lit we started the recruitment process for artists, server and client side programmers, designers and the Dev Ops guy who does lots of server monitoring, scaling and tweaks.
We have already worked on multi-touch controls and the game works great on Windows 8 touch screens and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. By taking advantage of Adobe AIR cross platform capabilities we already have the game running on an impressive range of iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as all major PC operating systems.


  • Accelerated workflow among designers, developers, and animators.
  • Developed once for multiple high-performance mobile and social multiplatform deployments.
  • Currently running on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Adobe products used

The following Adobe products were used to build Evil Genius Online:
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • Adobe ActionScript
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Photoshop
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