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16 June 2014

This case study, by Yamago, describes how Adobe's products were used to develop the puzzle-game, Hilomi.


An original gameplay premise, whimsical characters, and vibrant colors set Hilomi apart from other games in the puzzle-game genre. Challenging players to think creatively and help Hilomi navigate different levels, the game is engaging and highly entertaining. Players are faced with the unique task of reshaping the environment to help Hilomi take pictures while traversing different worlds.
Apart from the need for an original gameplay, Hilomi had to meet the high quality standards set by 2D puzzle games available on the over-populated mobile stores. Robust performance and a uniform experience on various iOS and Android devices were key requirements. The game relies heavily on touch actions, resulting in the need to maintain a very high frame rate. We also wanted to present beautiful visuals while graphic elements were displayed in the most relevant format, thus achieving the perfect balance between memory usage and visual clarity.


The Starling Framework in conjunction with Adobe AIR was an efficient choice to meet all requirements. We could easily take advantage of the OpenGL/ES performances with a direct use of the Adobe Texture Format (ATF). The ATF technology allowed us to choose the best native (iOS and Android) compression formats and parameters that fitted our needs.
Being the mature technology that Adobe AIR is now, it is the perfect choice for developing a high-quality game that can survive in highly competitive application stores. The large and active community provides not only great frameworks (like Starling and Feathers) but also very useful ANEs (Adobe Native Extension) for the necessary third party SDK (for IAP, notifications, social, tracking).
Adobe AIR technology is an easy way to use the Adobe Creative Suite effectively. We see the Adobe Creative Suite as the creative Swiss knife providing the best tools for:
  • UI (Flash Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Game assets (Flash Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Animations (Flash Pro)
  • Promo elements (Flash Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator)
Flash Pro is really the perfect hub in terms of integration. You can easily adapt Flash pro to your workflow by extending its capabilities with JSFL tools. For example, with the tools we developed, Flash Pro can be used as a rich, highly-configurable, and easy-to-use level-design editor. We also took advantage of the new Export in HD feature of Flash Pro CC to produce our game trailer.


  • Hilomi has been selected and featured by Apple in the Best New Apps Category, in 128 countries.
  • We reached the significant milestone of over 100 thousand installations just 4 days after launch.
  • We have received good reviews from 128apps and among others, both highlighting the graphics and the polish of the game.
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