This case study, by Innogames, describes how Adobe's products were used to develop the strategy game, Rising Generals.

Military strategy goes cross-platform

Rising Generals is defined by our aspirations to create a successful cross-platform PVP-oriented strategy MMOG. Immediacy, accessibility and sensory feedback are core concepts that characterize every aspect of the game. This is complemented by our strong focus to always provide the player with exciting play experiences that spark a feeling of thrill and exhilaration.
At InnoGames, we are devoted to create MMOs. Thus, Rising Generals will allow up to 40.000 players to compete or engage within one single game world while connecting to the game from multiple platforms. We made sure that it is possible to zoom onto the game map seamlessly, enjoy a visually appealing management of your secret underground base and watch your troops crushing enemies in combat.

Keeping the focus

Right from the beginning, we wanted to give the player the option to play Rising Generals anywhere and at any time. With regards to this goal, we were looking for a technical solution which caters to InnoGame’s existing knowledge in developing Flash based games for the browser and also offers a holistic cross-platform approach. After a detailed evaluation, we decided to go for Adobe Gaming technologies, which enabled us to bring Rising Generals to the iOS and Android™ platforms as well as web browsers.
One of the main advantages of using Adobe Gaming Technologies for the development of Rising Generals was the fact that we were able to focus on gameplay and visual appearance and did not have to fight with implementing all our features on multiple platforms at the same time.
“Also, the feature set of Adobe Stage 3D allowed us to realize stunning graphics and effects, especially on mobile devices, that would not have been possible without GPU utilization at all”, said Christian Kientopf, Graphic Programmer of the Rising Generals team.


  • Release and deploy for iOS, Android, and Browser.
  • Only one codebase to maintain.
  • Option to embrace device-specific features with native extension.
  • 3D environment based on Adobe Stage 3D.
  • Cross-platform touch UI build with Adobe Starling.

Adobe products used

The following products were used to build Rising Generals:
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • Adobe ActionScript
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Scout
  • Adobe Stage 3D
  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Photoshop