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8 August 2011

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ActionScript 3 is an implementation of ECMAScript, which is very similar to JavaScript. ActionScript developers can build applications using either Adobe Flash Professional or Adobe Flash Builder. Flash Professional provides vector-based graphics rendering, along with native audio and video capabilities, and uses the ActionScript language to add interactivity to websites leveraging Flash Player and to applications based on Adobe AIR. Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder) is an Eclipse-based IDE with support for editing, debugging and profiling ActionScript code. 
Follow these steps to start building your first ActionScript application on Adobe AIR:
  1. If necessary, download the Adobe AIR runtime. (Note that this step is necessary only for the Shared runtime option for desktop applications. Mobile apps and many desktop apps use a captive runtime. Learn about the diffferences between a captive and shared runtime.)
  2. Download and install your preferred development environment:
  3. Familiarize yourself with the core concepts of developing and deploying applications:

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