Discover high-performance mobile apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS built using Adobe Flash technology. Using one common codebase, one tool chain, and one framework, you can create exciting games, rich media apps with premium video, and sophisticated data-driven apps like the ones showcased on this page.



Developer: Milkman Games
Aqualux is an example of a Flash game optimized for mobile by taking advantage of the GPU rendering mode and tweaking the display list.
Comb Over charlie

Comb Over Charlie

Developer: Charlie Schultze, Woven Interactive
Comb Over Charlie runs on different devices, including iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS, at a consistent 40 fps. This game was rapidly built with components using a seamless, flexible development workflow including Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium.
Digital cache

Digitas Cache II

Developer: Digitas
Digitas Cache II is an iPad app that leverages StageWebView with embedded H.264 videos for that full HD feel and a custom gesture library to monitor up to five simultaneous touchpoints.

Hero Mages

Developer: Ross Przybylski, D20Studios
This award-winning indie game leverages AIR and Smart Fox Server to support cross-platform, multiplayer gameplay. Optimal performance is achieved using bitmap armatures and GPU rendering, while animations and multiscreen awareness are powered by an easy-to-use AS3 library called AURA.
See a demo (8:03)
Chemistry brothers

Chemistry Brothers

Developers: Stefan Szakal, Catalin Saveanu, and Ovidiu Bejan
This simple, fun, and entertaining game for the iPad was built using Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional CS5.5. It uses partial blitting as the rendering technique. The TouchEvent class was extremely easy to implement; the game also uses the iPad accelerometer to control the character.


Developer: AsFusion
Conqu is a task management tool that targets multiple platforms (desktop, tablets, and phones), screen sizes, and resolutions, using the Presentation Model pattern to encapsulate the reusable view logic in one place and a set of different MXML views for each device.
See a demo (1:03)
Dr. Stanley

Dr. Stanley's House 2

Developer: James Li
Ranked as the #1 free iPad game on the Apple App Store in China in May 2011, Dr Stanley's House 2 uses the SceneManager class to instantiate scenes and the GameStatus class to track the player's progress.
See a demo (4:22)


Developer: Amanita Design
This award-winning online adventure game challenges players worldwide to use logic and puzzle-solving abilities to wind their way through a post-apocalyptic scrap yard in search of the city of Machinarium. This web-based game was converted into an iPad app in only two months (other platforms to follow soon).
See a demo (1:19)


Developer: Terry Paton
Guide the marble to freedom through the ancient maze, collecting points along the way. Lighting up the floor tiles will boost your points, some tiles will push and pull you, while some will take you up or down a floor.


Developer: St. Petersburg Times
The PolitiFact app taps into the existing framework of the PolitiFact website, which rates the accuracy of statements by politicians. Out-of-the-box charting components in Flash Builder enabled rapid iteration and testing on different devices. The prototype was built in two days; the entire development took only three weeks.
Sylvester's Band

Sylvester's Band

Developer: Uncle Handsalt
Winner of the Best Lifestyle & Community App in the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony, Sylvester's Band makes heavy use of the Box2DFlash physics library to create its interactive world, as well as a custom-built system for tracking touchpoint data anywhere in the code, and global ratio variables to scale intelligently to all resolutions and screens.
See a demo (0:51)


Developer: HD Interactive
MrMixit is a spin-based matching game where you must frantically mix record labels against the clock.
See a demo (5:06)
Rossignol Experience

Rossignol Experience

Developer: La Haute SociétéThis app teaches you about the new Rossignol all-mountain ski line. Discover the Autoturn rocker which combines traditional camber and rocker tip and tail to make skiing more fun, easy, and secure than conventional skis.
See a demo (5:02)
Tweet hunt

Tweet Hunt

Developer: Jared Kroff, RED Interactive AgencyWinner of the Grand Prize in the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony, Tweet Hunt is a classic shooting gallery game powered by Twitter. Each bird you shoot represents a real tweet.
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