The following sample applications will help you get started using Adobe AIR. These are basic applications built by Adobe engineers to demonstrate the capabilities of the runtime. 

Note: You will need to have Adobe AIR installed in order to run the applications on this page.


Developer: Mihai Corlan
AIRWebFontDemo is a simple book reader. It demonstrates the AIR 2.5 web font support and provides a scrollbar and buttons for navigation, lets you change the font size and family, is state aware and lets you switch to fullscreen mode.


Developers: Romanian Internship Team
Bee is a desktop blog editor build on Adobe AIR in HTML/JavaScript. Bee integrates WordPress blogging platform and Flickr photo sharing support and offers simple unified workflows for photo blogging. This application integrates a number of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, including Prototype,, Spry, TinyMCE, and Walter Zorn's Tooltips for JavaScript.


Developer: Claudius Iacob
This sample app allows you to create a permanent bookmark for your favorite website or application. The application shows how to use JavaScript to store data locally using the file system APIs, as well as how register an application to run at startup.


Developers: Mirela Budaes, Horia Olaru, Alex Chiculita, Raul Hudea, Marius Ioana, and Tudor Muscalu
BlackBookSafe is an HTML/JavaScript contact list sample application built on Adobe AIR 1.5. The application uses the JQuery framework and the AS3CoreLib library, and leverages three new AIR 1.5 features: Pixel Bender effects, 3D transformations, and the encrypted local database.


Developers: Claudius Iacobd
AIRnotes is an HTML-based AIR sample application that allows several users to keep track of their notes on a computer. The application leverages the popular Dojo Toolkit Ajax framework for the user interface components, including a calendar and a rich text editor.

Drag'n Share

Developers: Claudius Iacob, Raul Hudea, Alexandru Chiculita
Drag'n Share lets you manage your documents on Google Documents by dragging them to or from the desktop. The application connects to the Google Documents Service and is built with HTML/JavaScript using the Yahoo! UI framework.


Developers: Raul Hudea, Dragos Georgita
Fresh is a skinnable RSS reader built entirely using Ajax. It features offline RSS reading, multiple panels within a single window, customizable reader pane, tabbed browsing, notifications, basic browser integration, and local database support. Fresh has been localized into 11 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) and uses the Ext JS library and RSS Feed Viewer sample by Jack Slocum.


Developers: Horia Iosif Olaru, Tudor Muscalu, Dragos Georgita, Marius Ioana, Mirela Budaes
KeePIPE is a JavaScript-based application that lets users share files on the same network. The application demonstrates how the new networking capabilities can be used to create peer-to-peer applications. KeePIPE also demonstrates the new open document capabilities. If you use an application such as VMWare, you can use this application to transfer files between your VM and host computer.


Developers: Raul Hudea, Dragos Georgita
PodcastPlayer is an easy-to-use Ajax application that allows you to subscribe and listen to your favorite podcasts. Check out how PodcastPlayer calls the Adobe AIR sound APIs from HTML to play audio without using any Flash or Flex.


Roadfinder combines two of the most popular online maps, Yahoo! Maps and Google Maps, into a single application. Search for an address by typing it in or dragging it from the desktop. There is close collaboration between these two maps as moving or zooming on either map effects the other.


Developer: Christian Cantrell
This app gives web developers the ability to look inside a web page. Scout takes advantage of the HTML capabilities of Adobe AIR to inspect a page as it's rendered on the client.


Developer: Alexandru Chiculita
SyncIn is a sample application that demonstrates how to communicate between HTML and PDF to maintain a synchronized object across two different presentations. It uses a simple shopping cart to demonstrate multiple windows and the adding and removing of items.


Featured community sample application

Simple Tasks

Developer: Jack Slocum
This sample application demonstrates how the Ext.air package simplifies the use of the Adobe AIR APIs within an HTML/JavaScript application. Simple Tasks v2 uses the Ext library to manage native window, SQLite database, drag-and-drop, clipboard, system tray, and sound support in AIR.

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