26 August 2010

Adjust the position of the vanishing point to control the appearance of 3D objects and animation on the Stage in Adobe Flash Professional by changing the orientation of the z axis. The z axis of all 3D movie clips in a FLA file recede toward the vanishing point. By relocating the vanishing point, you change the direction that an object moves when translated along its z axis.

If you position the Vanishing Point property at the upper left of the Stage (0,0), then increasing the value of the z property of a movie clip moves the movie clip away from the viewer and toward the upper left of the Stage.

Resizing the Stage does not cause the Vanishing Point property to update automatically. To maintain the 3D look, reposition the vanishing point relative to the new Stage size.

The Vanishing Point property affects all 3D movie clips. If you change it, it also changes the position of all movie clips that have a z axis translation or rotation applied. The Vanishing Point property does not affect other movie clips. Its default location is the center of the Stage.

For more information, see the section titled Adjust the Vanishing Point property in the Flash documentation.

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