Brian Rinaldi is as a content and community manager for the Adobe Developer Connection team, where he helps drive content strategy for HTML5 and JavaScript developer content. Brian blogs regularly at and is a unreformed twitter addict @remotesynth.

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(Jan 21, 2013)

Learn five useful Node.js tools for your client-side JavaScript development workflow.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editing with Edge Code

(Sep 24, 2012)

Edge Code is an Adobe branded release of the Brackets project: a lightweight code editor with next-wave features.

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Discover how to test your websites and web apps in the browser across desktops and mobile devices using Adobe Edge Inspect.

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Browser testing across devices with Adobe Shadow

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OOP in JavaScript with Minion

(Mar 27, 2012)

Learn to use Minion, a lightweight JavaScript library for defining and extending classes with support for classical-style inheritance and composition.

The Metablog November 2011

(Nov 01, 2011)

Catch up on all the latest announcements from Adobe MAX 2011. Get to know Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3. Learn the story behind 3D and Flash. And find out more about AIR native extensions.