Chester Chipperfield
Chester Chipperfield runs Emak Mafu, a digital agency based in Shoreditch, London, that works primarily with the creative sector: architects, designers, artists, and creative agencies. All their projects are technically focused while being grounded in design. In 2005 the company started production on a CMS built entirely in Flex that is now in its sixth iteration. Chester also runs the Flex London User Group which, at 900 members, is one of the largest Flex user groups in the world. In August 2008 they ran Flex Camp London, a free community run event attracting over 300 developers. Chester has worked with Adobe/Macromedia products since he was 16 but has recently spent more time working on the strategic side of projects, running a team of 10 designers and developers. He currently consults a number of agencies on delivering digital projects for their clients.