Christer Kaitila

The author of the book "Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming Beginner's Guide", Christer Kaitila, B.Sc. is a veteran video game developer with 17 years of professional experience. A hardcore gamer, dad, dungeon master, artist and musician, he never takes himself too seriously and loves what he does for a living: making games!

A child of the arcade scene, he programmed his first videogame in the eighties, long before the internet or hard drives existed. The first programming language he ever learned was 6809 assembly language, followed by BASIC, Turbo Pascal, VB, C++, Lingo, PHP, Javascript, and finally Actionscript. He grew up as an elite BBS sysop in the MS-DOS era and was an active member of the demoscene in his teens. He put himself through university by providing freelance software programming services for clients. Since then, he has been an active member of the indie game development community and is known by his fellow indies as Breakdance McFunkypants.

Christer frequently joins game jams to keep his skills on the cutting edge of technology, is always happy to help people out with their projects by providing enthusiastic encouragement and plays an active part helping to find bugs in Adobe products that have not yet been made public. Over the years, he has programmed puzzle games, multiplayer RPGs, action titles, shooters, racing games, chat-rooms, persistent online worlds, browser games, and many business applications for clients ranging from 3d displays for industrial devices to simulations made for engineers.

He is the curator of a popular news website called which syndicates news from hundreds of other game developer blogs. He would love to hear from you on twitter ( or google+ ( and is always happy to connect with his fellow game developers. His client work portfolio is available at and his personal game development blog is where you can read more about the indie game community and his recent projects.

He lives in Victoria, Canada with his beloved wife and the cutest baby son you've ever seen.