David Hassoun is the founder of RealEyes Media, LLC, a digital media firm based in Colorado that focuses on interactive motion media and advanced applications using the Adobe Flash Platform and Flex. He has always had a passion for motion media, the power of video, and the challenges of usability and interactivity. He is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor, teaches advanced RIA classes at the University of Denver, serves as the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group Manager, and has taught and developed advanced Flash and Flex application courses. As a consultant or while employed with other firms, David has worked for a wide range of companies such as American Express, Chase Manhattan, Qwest, Boeing, Macromedia, Adobe, US Air Force, Bechtel/Bettis, and many more. David regularly performs advanced code and technical best practices reviews, and has provided directional advice for international industry leaders over the past years—including many technical, courseware, and application reviews as an industry expert.

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