David Stiller is an independent contractor whose portfolio includes multimedia programming and design for NASA, the US Department of Transportation, Nickelodeon, MTV, Wendy's, Adobe, and dozens of clients across the United States and Canada. He likes anaglyph 3D photography, finely crafted wooden game boards, Library of Congress field recordings, and Turkish coffee. David is self-taught and gets a kick out of sharing "aha!" moments with others through consultation, mentoring, and regular contributions to the Adobe Flash and ActionScript forums. He is a resident tutorial author at CommunityMX and co-author of Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers (friends of ED), ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference Guide (O'Reilly), and Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers (friends of ED). David lives in Virginia with his amazing wife, Dawn, and his beguiling daughter, Meridian.



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