Derek Lu works in the Digital Publishing Customer Enablement group.

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DPS Corporate Training Example: Integrating with Moodle

(Jun 03, 2015)

Learn how to create a single DPS app that integrates with Moodle by allowing a user to log in to the app with their Moodle credentials.

DPS Example App Using the Plugin

(Apr 01, 2015)

Learn how to create a sample DPS app that integrates with and allows users to record their folio activity to Account and Opportunity records.

DPS HR and Employee Communications Example: WordPress RSS Feed and Entitlement

(Mar 31, 2015)

Learn how to create a single DPS app that can be both a public recruiting app as well as an internal employee communications app. Display intranet-like company news and link news stories to rich DPS folios.

How to use DPS Entitlement Service

(Feb 05, 2015)

This article describes how to use the DPS Entitlement Service to test direct entitlement and restricted distribution in development apps. It is intended for demos, proofs of concept (POCs), and testing.

Free Article Preview

(Sep 09, 2014)

Learn how to use the new Free Article Preview feature to give readers a free taste of your content while being prompted to buy or subscribe.

New APIs and features in r30

(Mar 10, 2014)

Learn about new DPS capabilities for dialog boxes, transparent web views, folio navigation, article metadata, and calendar/reminder events.

Getting started with the v2 Library and Store API

(Jan 10, 2014)

Get a quick overview of the Library and Store API and get started with a sample implementation.