Jayesh Viradiya, is Lead Software Engineer in the ColdFusion product team and has worked in the team since January 2006. He has worked on testing various features of ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9. He has worked on features such as the CFImage tag, the CFFeed tag, server monitoring, multi-server monitoring , session replication support for clustered environment, AIR proxies for CFSaas, improved Flash Remoting, ColdFusion libraries for ActionScript ORM, LiveCycle Data Services 3 integration with ColdFusion, and refactoring in CFBuilder. Jayesh has also worked with the AIR team on features such a AIR-CF connectivity, support for H264 video codec and encrypted local storage. Jayesh has developed several Flex-AIR-ColdFusion applications, which have been presented in many of the relevant conferences.