Jeffrey Heer

Jeffrey Heer is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Maneesh Agrawala. Jeff's research focus is human-computer interaction, with an emphasis on information visualization and social computing. Jeff's research has produced novel visualization techniques for more effectively exploring data, software tools to simplify visualization creation and customization, and collaborative visualization systems that leverage the insights of multiple analysts. Jeff is also the author of the Prefuse and Flare open-source visualization toolkits, which have been downloaded over 50,000 times and are in use by the visualization research community and corporations including IBM, Sun, PayPal, GE, and Google. Over the years, Jeff has also worked at Xerox PARC, IBM Research, Microsoft Research, and Tableau Software. He was awarded NSF and NDSEG fellowships in 2002 and graduate fellowships from IBM and Microsoft in 2006.