John Crosby is the senior solutions architect and a partner at RealEyes Media, LLC. Always interested in new things, John has his fingers in many different projects and technologies as well as having helped to create training curriculum for Adobe Flash, Flash for mobile, and Flex. As a former professional foodie turned keyboard jockey, John is always on the lookout for tools, concepts, and ideas to make development more interesting, reliable, and fun.

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Adobe technologies for video across the web, desktop, and mobile devices

(Oct 22, 2012)

Get an introduction to video integration across the growing collection of devices and screens.

Mastering OSMF – Part 3

(Mar 08, 2011)

Load static and dynamic plug-ins at runtime, create static plug-ins, and use the MAST advertising plug-in to implement pre-roll and post-roll content.

Mastering OSMF – Part 2

(Feb 28, 2011)

Build control bars and create complex container-based layouts in your own custom OSMF media player applications.

Mastering OSMF – Part 1

(Feb 23, 2011)

Create a simple player, handle separate elements of the playback experience, and enable the player to handle different kinds of media.

Live multicast streaming using OSMF

(Nov 05, 2010)

Create a basic video player that uses the latest F4M specification to play back a live multicast P2P stream with the help of Flash Media Live Encoder and Flash Media Server 4.

Creating a simple multicast video player using OSMF

(Nov 05, 2010)

Create a basic multicast player, focusing on the different classes that can be used or extended for multicast and RTMFP-specific control, and using the new features of OSMF 1.5, Flash Player 10.1, and Flash Media Server 4.

RealEyes OSMF Player Sample – Part 3: Skinning and control bar system

(Jun 29, 2010)

Take a walk through the REOPS skinning and control bar system to see how it works and how to customize it for your purposes.