Lisa Larson-Kelley began her career in print design, but was soon lured to digital media by a little application called Flash 4. In addition to hands-on development projects, she enjoys writing and teaching, with a knack for breaking down complex concepts and making them accessible. She has authored technical articles for the Adobe Developer Connection, and editorials and features for; and coauthored the book, Flash Video for Professionals (Wiley, 2007). Lisa has also presented at numerous industry conferences around the world and is an active member of the FlashCodersNY user group. A graduate of Wayne State University in Michigan with a BFA in Graphic Design, Lisa received a New Media Certification from the Rhode Island School of Design/Fraunhofer CRCG in 2003. After spending two years as a freelance designer/developer, she went on to become the technical director and cofounder of go:toGroup, a new-media firm based in New York City specializing in Flash video applications. She now consults, teaches, and develops iFoxCam, a consumer video surveillance product using Flash Media Server. While with go:toGroup, Lisa worked with many video-centric startups as well as companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, and L'Oréal. She shares news and musings about Flash video, web development and life in the big city on her blog,

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