Mark Ellis is a computer scientist on the Adobe@Adobe team. He spends the majority of his time building solutions with Adobe technology and pushes the boundaries of what the technology can do. Over the years, this has included most frontend and backend Adobe technologies, with a focus on delivering enterprise solutions internally and externally.

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(Feb 28, 2014)

Dive deep into advanced concepts associated with publishing a real-world AEM-driven DPS app including topics such as AEM content sync and using HTMLResources.

AEM and DPS: Tips and Tricks for Content-Centric Apps

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Gain some valuable tips gained from creating the real-world app using AEM and DPS.

AEM and DPS: Responsive Design

(Feb 27, 2014)

Learn basic to intermediate design and coding approaches to maximize the platforms and devices that you can target with DPS apps created with AEM.

Multiscreen development techniques with Flex and Adobe AIR

(Oct 11, 2010)

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Building a micro-blogging solution for the enterprise

(Oct 19, 2009)

Use Adobe ColdFusion, LiveCycle Data Services ES, and AIR to build a build a quality, comprehensive, enterprise micro-blogging solution.