Rick Borstein is a Senior Solutions Consultant and has been with Adobe Systems Incorporated almost twenty years. In this time, he has served in various capacities as VAR Account Manager, Enterprise Account Manager, Business Development Manager and Solutions Consulting. Rick has broad experience with Adobe Digital Media products for print, web and video. In prior roles, Rick also specialized in the Legal and Life Science verticals and helped form Adobe’s product offerings in these markets. He has spoken at over 250 bar associations and his Acrobat for Legal Professionals blog has thousands of readers.
Rick is an avid keeper of tropical fish and has thirty-two aquariums ranging in size from 5 to 125 gallons in his home. He has bred over 250 species of tropical fish and is President of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies, President of the Chicago Livebearer Society and is Webmaster of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association.

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