Sidney de Koning

Sidney de Koning (1981) is a full time geek. When he was 8 he got hooked on BASIC on his grandfather's Amiga 500. Now he still gets excited developing mobile applications.

He started programming in Turbo Pascal and Delphi but later found his true love - Flash. Now, Sidney is a Flash Platform developer with over 10 years of experience in ActionScript (1, 2 and 3), AIR for desktop and mobile. His second love is the optimization and streamlining of development processes. And also wrote a book on it with O'Reilly.

Currently he is running a mobile developement shop, together with his creative partner in crime. At 'Mannetje de Koning' they create and develop multiscreen apps - native, hybrid or webbased. He has worked for and with a multitude of companies including MTV, TMF, Nickelodeon, Media Catalyst, Code d'Azur and LBi Lost Boys. 

In his spare time he teaches programming at SAE College and runs two blogs; app reviews and culinary endeavors are posted at Culinerd and all the technical bits get posted to “Confessions of a Flash Addict”. Besides that he writes for various technical online magazines.