Tariq Ahmed et al.

Tariq Ahmed et al.



Tariq Ahmed is an accomplished web application pioneer with over 15 years of experience introducing next generation web technologies to companies such as Bell Canada and REUTERS. He was first to introduce eBay to Adobe Flex, and saw it proliferate to other teams. As an Adobe Flex Community Expert, Tariq evangelizes the technology and supports the community, particularly through his Community Flex site. He is currently the Manager of Product Development at Amcom Technology, managing a team of RIA Engineers and Business Intelligence Analysts.

Daniel Orlando is a recognized RIA Architect, specializing in enterprise class Flex and AIR applications. Dan is often called on as a resource for information on topics involving bleeding edge technology platforms for radio interviews and print publications, which include: PHP Architect magazine, Flex and Flash Developer Magazine, Amazon Web Services Developer Connection, Adobe Developer Connection, IBM developerWorks, PHPBuilder.com, and many others.

John C. Bland II is founder of Katapult Media Inc. which focuses on software and web development using technologies such as ColdFusion, the Flash Platform, PHP, Java, the .NET Platform, and Objective-C (iPhone, Mac OSX, etc). Through Katapult, he works diligently on custom software and web products for small and large clients throughout the world. As a 2009 Adobe Community Expert, John continues put back into the community which helped mold him into the developer he is today. John blogs regularly on his Geek Life blog.

Joel Hooks is a Flash Platform developer with experience in Actionscript 3, Flex, and Python. Joel spent the first 13 years of his professional career as a 3d animator and graphic designer working on computer based training applications from that perspective. His interest in programming goes as far back as "TELL TURTLE" and he has always been interested in the technological challenges related to developing software. With the introduction of Actionscript 3, Joel finally found a platform that allows him to architect useful tools while fully leveraging his experience as a visual artist. Joel is passionate about technology and enjoys exploring the landscape of frameworks, libraries, and tools that make his work constantly fun and challenging.