Tim Cole is co-founder of the two-brother team that is Intermorphic Ltd., which develops creativity tools such as the Noatikl Generative MIDI Music Engine (successor to the SSEYO Koan Generative Music System), the Liptikl lyric generator and cut-up word arranger, and the cross-platform Mixtikl—a 12-track generative music and loop mixer for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac OS, and Windows PC (including VST, AU, and web-browser plug-ins), and with variants in development or on the roadmap for Android, bada, Symbian, MeeGo (all via our Airplay port), and the Antix Game Player. In 1990, Tim co-founded SSEYO Ltd. to develop the SSEYO Koan Generative Music System, which Brian Eno used for his 1996 release, "Generative Music 1," with SSEYO Koan software. Among other things, SSEYO developed the Interactive Koan Music Control, a web plug-in with extensive JavaScript APIs that could be driven by Flash and a SSEYO Koan Dreamweaver object.