by Ben Forta

Ben Forta


by Raymond Camden

 Raymond Camden


by Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan



8 September 2009

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Watch these tutorial and demonstration videos to learn more and get started with Adobe ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder.
Data Integration with ColdFusion 9 and ORM
Adobe Platform Evangelist Ben Forta explains the new Object Relational Mapping (ORM) support in ColdFusion 9. (12:29)
ColdFusion 9 Exposed as Flex services
Harness the power of ColdFusion without writing any server-side code. Ben Forta explains the new exposed services layer and how it is useful to Flash and Flex developers. (6:08)
ColdFusion 9 and Spreadsheets
ColdFusion 9 adds powerful and sophisticated spreadsheet support. Follow along as Ben Forta explains how to work with new and existing spreadsheets. (9:27)
Map Tags in ColdFusion 9
Raymond Camden demonstrates how to map data onto websites with ColdFusion 9 map tags. Learn how to use addresses, longitude and latitude coordinates, and other data to build interactive maps. (6:40)
ColdFusion 9 Caching
Adobe community expert and ColdFusion Jedi Master Raymond Camden explores the new functionality of caching feature in ColdFusion 9 with sleep commands, wrapping content, put/get, array-contains and URL hooks. (9:15)
Virtual File System in ColdFusion 9
Raymond Camden showcases features of the new RAM-based virtual file system (VFS) in ColdFusion 9. Learn how to read and write from the VFS as well as execute CFML stored in the database. (7:24)
Displaying Flash video files in ColdFusion 9
Learn about the new feature in ColdFusion 9 that allows you to play FLV files. (3:02)
Get Started: ColdFusion Builder
Learn about ColdFusion 9 and its new Eclipse-based IDE, ColdFusion Builder. In this video, Ben Forta explains how to create and configure your first ColdFusion Builder project. (8:15)
ColdFusion Builder Feature Tour
Ben Forta explores new productivity tools and capabilities, including the intelligent editor, server panel, tail view, language help, outline view, RDS, and custom extensions. (8:54)
Extending ColdFusion Builder
Integrate your CFC projects with ease using ColdFusion Builder extensions. (5:51)