Prerequisite knowledge
No prior knowledge required, beginner level knowledge of APIs and ColdFusion development will be beneficial.
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Required products
Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition (2016 release) (Download trial)
Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) (Download trial)


25 February 2016


APIs are becoming increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes and are expected to continue expanding at a rapid pace. Many companies already have API initiatives and find themselves with the need to host an ever increasing number of APIs securely with appropriate restrictions for public and private use. We realized the need for a solution that will simplify management of APIs at organizations through our integrated API Manager. Adobe ColdFusion 2016 Release ships with the new Adobe ColdFusion API Manager to help our customers build and manage APIs with security, metrics, and scalability. Here is a first look at the components of the API Manager to give you an idea of the many benefits that this new tool will bring to any organization, whether you have a few APIs or large scale API initiatives.

About API Manager

Adobe ColdFusion API Manager is a full-featured management tool integrated with ColdFusion to bring in all elements of the development and management process for your API needs. With Adobe ColdFusion, developers are already able to quickly build and deploy both REST and SOAP APIs. API Manager will allow system administrators to also secure APIs through role-based access control. This article reviews the different capabilities available within the API Manager to give an idea of the breadth of functionality available for fully managing small or large scale API initiatives.

Administrator Portal

The API Administrator Portal is a single interface for API Administrators to configure the infrastructure and handle all aspects of the management process for APIs. The Server Settings panel allows Administrators to configure access ports for the proxy gateway and subscriber portals. There is a Security section to configure and manage encryption and Oauth2 settings as well as set up and manage role-based users through database or LDAP connections. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be created and assigned, along with rate limits and throttling. Full support for clustering with multiple API nodes is available for scalability. A key benefit of the API Manager is the seamless integration and single-click import of ColdFusion REST APIs, which can be configured with multiple ColdFusion servers in the Administrator Portal. All of this is easily done in an intuitive Administrative interface, along with a detailed Analytics dashboard to visualize and measure API use.

Publisher Portal

The API Publisher Portal is available for publisher role access to accommodate all of the functionality publishers need for creating and managing their APIs. Publishers have the ability to create many different types of supported APIs along with settings for caching, SLA, and security authentication. Quickly view published APIs and drill down for further detail and edits in the My APIs panel. Create API panel is a single interface for publishing APIs with intuitive workflows for the supported APIs listed below. API Catalog panel will allow publishers to view API details, configure security settings for users, and manage SLA, caching, and resources. Caching can be enabled and applied at the resource level here to maximize performance benefits. Publishers also have the ability to test APIs and view request and response data with different input values. Subscriber information is also available along with notifications for approval requests and SLAs. The analytics dashboard allows publishers to measure use of their published API portfolios.

Supported APIs

API Manager supports a number of different ways to create both SOAP and REST APIs.  With intuitive workflows and easily imported REST and SOAP support, APIs can quickly be created and managed with security and metrics applied. The following types of API creation are supported.
Import REST API From Adobe ColdFusion
Automated integration with Adobe ColdFusion allows existing ColdFusion REST based web services to be imported with a single click, saving effort and maximizing productivity.
Import REST API From Swagger
Quickly import Swagger-enabled REST APIs for streamlined API creation. All resources are discovered through Swagger documentation.
Create REST API Manually
Easily define individual resources and parameters manually for new REST APIs.
SOAP to REST Translation
API Manager supports creation of a REST based interface for translation of existing SOAP services. Automatically fetch WSDL definition for seamless creation of REST resource mappings in a one-time configuration.  
SOAP Gateway
Existing SOAP services are imported as APIs with minimal configuration by leveraging the SOAP gateway support in API Manager.

Subscriber Portal

The Subscriber Portal is the main avenue for developers to access and view available APIs, subscribe, and manage all aspects of their workflows. 
A user can quickly see a list of all subscribed APIs and drill down to individual settings and analytics in the My APIs panel, or easily view a list of available APIs in API Catalog panel. In the My Applications panel users will manage existing application level settings, generate keys and access token credentials. There are also separate panels for notifications, alerting the user of approvals and SLAs as well as analytics which launches a robust metrics dashboard.


Being able to visualize and measure APIs is critical for strategic planning and management of API initiatives. API Manager delivers a robust analytic dashboard that collects detailed data on API use with a fully customizable interface and reporting capabilities. A drill-down interface provides granular information on specific request metrics such as request and response counts and consumed or generated data. Individual node metrics are given for clustered environments, breaking down the data for further information. The interface is also easily customizable with drag and drop for harnessing the most relevant metrics.

Where to go from here

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