Examples and case studies


These sample extension listed here are compatible with CS Extension Builder 1.5 and up, including Extension Builder 3 Preview 3. Click on an extension to download it.


Creative Suite reference extensions



CS extension showing the basic uses of the CSXS interface, which is the main API exposed by the CSXS Library. Does not support Bridge.



Sample demonstrating how to persist a generic object using CSXS store/retrieve preferences. This approach can be useful when your extension requires complex state to be maintained after being been restarted. Does not support Bridge.



Sample extension demonstrating any additional APIs available to extensions that use CSXSWindowedApplication as their root component. CSXSWindowedApplication should be used for CS extensions in place of mx:WindowedApplication. 



Useful reference application that monitors when application events are fired in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. This sample also demonstrates using the Creative Suite Host Adapter libraries to register event listeners. Further informaton can be found here.



Equivalent of a HelloWorld example. This Illustrator CS extension demonstrates creating a new Illustrator document and drawing a triangle.



Equivalent of a HelloWorld example. This minimal Photoshop CS extension demonstrates creating a document in Photoshop with a solid fill.



Equivalent of a HelloWorld example. This minimal InDesign CS extension demonstrates creating a document and text box in InDesign.



Cross-application example that shows how to localize an extension. Does not work in Bridge. Further information is available here.



CS extension that demonstrates how to use the alternative CSXS window types rather than Panel.



CS extension that shows how to create and format text in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.


Creative Suite sample extensions



Extension that demonstrates dragging and dropping assets between a CS extension panel and an InDesign document. The extension is implemented using the AIR Clipboard and NativeDrag/Drop APIs. Further information about this sample can be found here.



Cross-application example showing the use of XMP metadata APIs in a CS extension. The extension works in Bridge, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, and Photoshop. This example uses the Namespace Designer project AssetFraggerNamespace, which is also available for download.



Example for InDesign and Illustrator showing how to get information from an online service (RSS feed) and use the data to create application-specific documents.



Example of a collection of snippets being hosted in a CS extension. This sample demonstrates working with the InDesign CSAW library. Be sure to include the SnippetRunnerLib, which is also available for download within CS Extension Builder.



Flash-based extension for Illustrator that applies a cool "Polaroid" effect to items in Illustrator documents. You can exercise fine control over the effect through the extension's user interface.



Extension providing an example of using a web service in a CS Extension to provide live translations of text selections in documents. Works in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.



CS extension displaying live statistics about stories and other text objects in InDesign.



CS extension that shows how to work with paths in a selection in Illustrator and InDesign. Further information is available here.



CS extension for InDesign that provides a panel for managing the creation and removal of hanging side heads. Further information is available here.



CS extension that shows how to draw paths in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Futher information can be found on the following blog posts Drawing Paths and Drawing Assumptions.


Creative Suite Namespace Designer Samples


Namespace Designer Project library that is the source for the AssetFraggerNamespace_lib.swc used within the CS extension; AssetFragger. The library creates a custom schema with the bag element entry "Comments."


HTML5 Extension Samples

Hello World

A "Hello World" HTML5 sample project for Photoshop CC.

Hello Premiere

Premiere Pro CC sample project.

Festive Fun In Premiere

Festive Fun in Premiere Pro CC.