Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 makes it easy for you to build mobile applications for a variety of devices using the same workflow you use to build web or desktop applications today. This page provides information about building mobile apps for Android devices.
Adobe (Nov 30, 2011)                                                                               
Walk through the basic steps of creating and running a simple mobile project on a device.      
Jeanette Stallons (Jun 28, 2011)                                                                               
Learn to use Flash Builder to deploy apps to Google Android devices during development, testing, and deployment.    
Narciso Jaramillo (Oct 07, 2011)                                                                               
Build an app that gets the latest trending topics from Twitter on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Table OS.


Using code snippets to build a mobile game
Build a mobile game without writing any ActionScript by using prebuilt code snippets in Flash Professional CS5.5.
Aqualux: Optimized browser-based game for devices
See an example of Flash game optimization for mobile by taking advantage of the GPU rendering mode and tweaking the display list.

Building your skills

Mansour Raad (Jun 21, 2011)                                                                               
Use the ArcGIS API for Flex to build a mapping application that you can deploy on Android and Apple iOS devices.     
Brian Rinaldi (Jan 07, 2011)                                                                               
Learn how to use some of the built-in APIs in ActionScript to add more advanced features to your AIR for Android applications.   
Maxim Levkov (Dec 22, 2010)                                                                       
This white paper describes techniques, best practices, and recommended settings for encoding live or video-on-demand files for optimal playback on mobile devices.
David Wadhwani (Feb 14, 2011)                                                                               
Discover how enterprise publishers are adopting Digital Publishing Suite, now for Android tablets. (2:03)     
Ryan Stewart (May 03, 2011)        
Use Flash Professional CS5.5 to transform your application into a native Android experience. (3:33)   
Bhakti Pingale (May 03, 2011)        
Follow the steps required for debugging a Flex application on a mobile device over a USB connection. (4:24)