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28 March 2011

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Adobe Flash Player for mobile devices:

How will Flash Player benefit Flash Platform developers?

By increasing the number of operating systems that Adobe Flash Player can reach, developers can extend the reach of their content to more users, across more devices wherever they are. Flash Player heralds a major advance in mobile programming by delivering contextual applications that span multiple devices. Using the productive web programming model of the Adobe Flash Platform, the consistent browser-based runtime enables millions of designers and developers to reuse code and assets, and reduce the cost of creating, testing, and deploying across different operating systems and browsers.

What are the key benefits of Flash Player?

There are several benefits in terms of reach, consistency, and expressiveness:


  • Flash Player on smartphones, netbooks, tablets, PCs, and other Internet-connected devices allows you to reach more users wherever they are.
  • Rapid adoption means you can use the latest features more quickly than other technologies and be confident that end users will be able to take advantage of them.


  • Create expressive web applications, content, and videos that run consistently across operating systems and devices.
  • Consistent runtime enables reuse of code and assets and reduce the cost of creating, testing, and deploying content across different operating systems and browsers.


  • The ground-breaking technologies of the Flash Platform allow you to provide the best experiences on the web.
  • Device-ready features in Flash Player take advantage of native device capabilities to bring unprecedented creative control and expressiveness to the mobile browsing experience.

What are the general hardware and software requirements for Flash Player on mobile devices?

Visit the Flash Player product page to find the latest mobile system requirements.

Will applications built using the Flex framework run on Flash Player powered mobile devices?

Flash Player lays the foundation for creating mobile applications using the Adobe Flex framework. Using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5, now on Adobe Labs, developers can build and deploy mobile Flex applications for Android mobile platform devices, including smartphones and tablets

Learn more about the Flex mobile framework.

When will content protection come to mobile devices?

Content protection in Flash Player, with Flash Access 2, is available only on desktop operating systems. We are committed to bringing the capability to mobile in a future release of Flash Player to enable the delivery of premium media content and support for new business models across all supported platforms.

What does OTA mean and how will we ensure runtime consistency?

OTA = Over the air. This is the ability to easily install and update Flash Player so that the latest innovations are available across platforms, providing runtime consistency for developers to target new applications, content, and video. Similar to what we do on the desktop today, we are working with our partners to ensure that Flash Player is easily installable and updateable across all supported platforms. We will support a variety of mechanisms, including content-triggered downloads from the Adobe download center, system software updates pushed by the OEM, and on-device application catalogs.