22 December 2010

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a popular method of viewing media content. This rapid growth underscores the need for encoding guidelines to ensure that the content is optimized for reach and playback performance. The continued evolution of Adobe Flash Player and the availability of increasingly powerful devices—not to mention the variety of these devices—make encoding for mobile delivery especially challenging. The guidelines and device classifications presented in this document provide a framework for approaching encoding for devices. Although this document focuses specifically on Android powered devices, many of the general guidelines presented apply to other platforms as well.

About this document

This white paper describes techniques, best practices, and recommended settings for encoding live or video-on-demand (VOD) files for optimal playback on mobile devices. It is an addendum to the white paper, Video encoding cookbook and profile guidelines for the Adobe Flash Platform.
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Topics covered:
  • Video and audio features in Flash for mobile
  • Device display diversity
  • Network connection speed
  • Encoding considerations
  • Encoding variants (recommended settings)

Intended audience

This technical white paper is intended for the following audiences:
  • Developers and content publishers who want to understand limitations and considerations for mobile media delivery to Android powered devices
  • Encoding professionals who are seeking insight and specific guidelines for encoding media for delivery to Android powered devices

Where to go from here

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Learn the recipes of video compression—both as an art form and as a highly technical process—by downloading the Video encoding cookbook and profile guidelines for the Adobe Flash Platform.