1 February 2010
In the past two years we've seen revolutionary change in the way we distribute and consume mobile applications. The simultaneous advent of the Apple iPhone and iTunes App Store was like tearing down the Berlin wall surrounding the private garden that mobile operators had enjoyed for more than a decade. Suddenly, developers could publish directly to consumers and eliminate the middlemen, which meant both faster time to market and greater profitability.
The breakthroughs in distribution fueled a boom in application development. With more content readily available from their devices and desktops, consumers had unprecedented access to the channel. In addition to greater availability, periodic advertising campaigns reminded consumers that "there's an app for that" and further heightened awareness as well as fueling demand. Since 2008, mobile applications once the purview of gadget geeks and mobile developers had gone mainstream.
By taking your brand mobile and leveraging the unique properties of the medium, you have an opportunity to extend your brand's reach, deepen the customer relationship, build brand loyalty, and even create a new revenue stream. What's more, you can reap these benefits with minimal cost because you can reuse the same skills, tools, and code base you already have in-house. This paper is dedicated to helping you, your designers, and your developers get started publishing to this exciting new channel.
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Topics covered:
  • Leveraging the mobile context
  • What can we make for mobile?
  • Leading-edge examples: BBC iPlayer, BBC News, Wikitude, EA Sports Madden Football, Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals, Live Talkback, et al.
  • Mobile strategy basics
  • Getting started for designers
  • Getting started for developers