Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 makes it easy for you to build mobile applications for a variety of devices using the same workflow you use to build web or desktop applications today. This page provides information about building mobile apps for iOS devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad.
Adobe (Nov 30, 2011)                                                                               
Walk through the basic steps of creating and running a simple mobile project on a device.      
Narciso Jaramillo (Oct 07, 2011)                                                                               
Build an app that gets the latest trending topics from Twitter on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Table OS.
Serge Jespers (Jun 21, 2011)                                                                               
Follow these steps to build, package, and submit an iOS app to the App Store. (6:23)    
Jeanette Stallons (Jun 28, 2011)                                                                               
Learn to use Flash Builder to deploy apps to Google iOS devices during development, testing, and deployment.    


Dr. Stanley's House 2: An escape-the-room game for multiple devices
Get a close look at how this game was designed in Flash Professional, including coding for different runtimes.
Learn about Digitas Cache II, an annual digital publication that runs on Adobe AIR. 
Digitas Cache II: An interactive publication

Building your skills

Mansour Raad (Jun 21, 2011)                                                                               
Use the ArcGIS API for Flex to build a mapping application that you can deploy on Android and Apple iOS devices.     
Christian Cantrell (Mar 21, 2011)                                                                               
Learn about the new features and APIs available in AIR 2.6 on iOS. 
Joe Ward (July 01, 2011)                                                                       
Avoid common pitfalls while preparing your application for submission to the App Store.
Ben Garney (May 21, 2011)                                                                               
Learn about saving your AIR application's state frequently and automatically so your app meets iOS device users' expectations.    
Scott Petersen (Oct 11, 2010)                                                                               
Learn to use both script and rendering optimization techniques to maximize the performance of your AIR applications for iOS devices.  
Daniel Dura (Oct 11, 2010)                                                                               
Learn about the properties and methods for dealing with the physical orientation of the device so you can factor that into your application  development.  
Renaun Erickson (Jun 14, 2011)        
See the dramatic iOS application performance improvements in AIR 2.7. (2:07)  
Paul Trani (Apr, 2011)        
Learn how to create and publish an app for the iPad that uses the accelerometer and saves images to the camera roll. (8:08)  
Ryan Stewart (May 22, 2011)                                                                               
Learn about the new features of AIR 2.6 for iOS developers from this video and this overview article. (5:04)     
Adobe (May 21, 2011)                                                                               
Watch the demo of this fun game that Charlie Schulze easily published  across multiple platforms using Flash Professional CS5, Flash Builder
4.5, and AIR 2.6.