Develop mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, or with HTML and JavaScript.

Getting started

Build apps with Flex and AIR
Step through these tutorials for an intro to Flex mobile apps. Quickly build a simple "Hello World!" app, test it on your device, and then build more in-depth mobile apps.
Hello World: Build a mobile app in five minutes
Flex Mobile Test Drive         
Build apps with HTML
Use HTML and JavaScript to build and test native mobile apps with Dreamweaver and package them for multiple platforms using PhoneGap.
Getting started with jQuery Mobile                      


Dr. Stanley's House 2: An escape-the-room game for multiple devices
Get a close look at how this game was designed in Flash Professional, including coding for different runtimes.
Review the main technical challenges overcome in developing this storybook app for multiple screen sizes and to achieve great performance.
Sylvester's Band: An interactive children's book for tablets, smartphones

Mobile app development

Developing mobile apps with Flex and Flash Builder
Learn to develop Flex mobile apps with the same ease and quality as on desktop platforms. (Flex 4.6 documentation)
Flex mobile development tips and tricks
Ease the transition into mobile development by learning techniques for overcoming the new development challenges.
Packaging AIR apps for devices
Tune in to live radio with Adobe AIR
Learn how to stream live radio to mobile devices with Adobe AIR. 

Discover essential features of Adobe AIR that support mobile device capabilities and learn how to optimize mobile apps across screens.
Learn how to digitally sign your AIR applications for the desktop as well as Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS mobile devices.

Mobile app design


Learn how to design and customize a mobile app interface using mobile-optimized components, and learn from developers who created high-performance mobile apps built with Flash technology targeting iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS.
Using Flex 4.5 mobile components
Spark component classes  (ActionScript 3 Reference)
Customizing your mobile app design

Device platform considerations


Much of the core code for your Flex project is common to all platforms. However, some platform-specific considerations are important. The following pages highlight content specific to each platform.