The sample applications, showcase examples, and tutorials on this page will help you get up to speed creating content and applications for mobile devices.

AIR showcase apps for mobile developers

Check out these high-performance mobile apps built with Flash technology targeting iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

100 Days of Exercise showcase app

100 Days of Exercise encourages you to rethink how you define exercise and make it part of your daily routine.

Caltrain Times

The Caltrain Times app is a train schedule viewer for the Caltrain commuter rail system in California.


Finicky is a mobile journaling app for travelers who like to keep track of locally available items and then find them again when they return.

MrMixit and Pyramix showcase apps

MrMixit and Pyramix are two popular games developed in Flash Builder and Flex and available on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices.

MuniTracker showcase app

MuniTracker lets you track SF Muni locations and arrival time predictions on a map updating live every 10 seconds.

Conqu showcase app

Conqu is an easy-to-use, yet powerful task management tool designed to help users conquer their inbox and get things done.

PolitiFact showcase app

PolitiFact app helps users find the truth in politics by rating the accuracy of people's statements on the Truth-O-Meter: True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True, False, and Pants on Fire (the lowest rating).

Netflix Queue Manager showcase app

This app makes it easy for users to connect and manage their Netflix queue, search for new titles, check out recommendations, and view titles based on their favorite movie stars.

Financial Trader showcase app

Developed using Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform with Flash Builder, this cross-platform enterprise financial analytics app features 3D charts and real-time updates.

Sales dashboard application

The sales dashboard illustrates how to design and build a data visualization application as both a mobile app and a web application through a shared codebase.

Shopping cart application

The shopping cart application includes both a web application and a mobile application and shows best practices for sharing model and data access code between both versions.

Expense tracker application

The expense tracker is an example of how to design and build CRUD based applications as a component of a larger expense application as both a mobile app and a web application.

Twitter Trends

The sample application gets the latest trending topics from Twitter and lets you see the tweets for each topic, as well as information on the user who posted each tweet. Also read the tutorial.


This survey-taking sample app illustrates simple camera integration in a Flex mobile app: create a survey, get it filled out, photograph the respondent, and review the results.

Employee Directory – Mobile

A demo of a stock tracking application (using fake data), including a pannable/zoomable chart and simulating real-time data access.

Comb Over Charlie: An AIR 2.6 multi-platform game file

Watch the demo of this fun game that Charlie Schulze easily published across multiple platforms using Flash Professional CS5, Flash Builder 4.5, and AIR 2.6.

Tour de Mobile Flex showcase app

An application highlighting the new mobile components and skins in Flex as well as device-specific functionality in the mobile version of the Adobe AIR runtime.


Flex Test Drive for Mobile - Build an application in an hour

Take the Flex Test Drive for Mobile and learn to build and deploy a simple directory application on Android in one hour.

Take the Test Drive.

Mobile websites

HTML5 and CSS3 in Dreamweaver CS5.5 – Part 1: Building the web page

Explore the new HTML5 and CSS3 features in Dreamweaver CS5.5, and build an HTML5 web page for the fictional restaurant Citrus Cafe.


Dreamweaver CS5.5 and jQuery Mobile

Built upon the wildly popular jQuery JavaScript framework, jQuery Mobile lets web designers and developers build mobile application interfaces quickly and consistently. Take a look at the Dreamweaver CS 5.5 support for jQuery Mobile projects.

Flash Player for mobile

Sample ActionScript profiler

Simple examples to profile the performance of video playback. (ActionScript 2 and 3 versions provided.)


Note: Access to your video player's source code and a development tool (typically Flash Professional or Flash Builder) is required.

Download the sample (ZIP, 16.9 MB)

Reference mobile video player sample

A fully configurable Flash application which supports playback optimized for mobile devices. The player supports of several video formats including H.264. Additional features include play list support, JavaScript API, external skinability, and integration with tracking services.

Download the sample (ZIP, 37.8 MB)

Image Carousel sample

A simple auto-rotating image slideshow application optimized for mobile devices. The application supports basic configurability through an external XML file.

Download the sample (ZIP, 136 KB)

Control examples

Two sample components created with Adobe Flash Builder 4 and optimized for mobile that you can use and extend in your mobile Flash applications:

DraggableVerticalContainer vertically scrolls a block of DisplayObjects

DraggableVerticalList vertically scrolls items in a list

Download the sample (ZIP, 78 KB)