Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
Digital Publishing Suite in detail
Learn how to easily build DPS proof-of-concept apps leveraging helpful tools for direct entitlement and custom storefronts. Start with provided “kits” for several popular use cases, or build apps from scratch.
DPS content runs on the most popular smartphones, tablets, and browsers. Optimize your content and use techniques like renditions to improve production efficiencies.
DPS apps can provide dynamic interactive experiences and leverage JavaScript and HTML to extend capabilities.
Publishers can enable print/digital bundles and offer promotional content. Corporations can entitle authorized users to specific content.
Access prebuilt analytic reports and take advantage of the Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain insight on readers’ engagement with your apps.
Integrate DPS into existing editorial, review, and agency workflows. Leverage techniques to accelerate and automate DPS content production.
Leverage a world-wide network of certified partners that sell & support DPS, and provide a range of services and solutions.
Learn about the security features built-in to DPS, and the various security options available to you.
Learn how to take advantage of the powerful APIs available in DPS via this collection of informative articles.
DPS offers many capabilities to help publishers drive reader acquisition and retention, including First Folio Free, Free Article Preview, Social Sharing, and Embedded Web Viewer.
Drive in-app purchases and cross-sell related goods with a fully customizable HTML storefront. Customize your app’s library to reflect your brand.
Send text notifications to readers’ devices and trigger background downloads for apps in Apple’s Newsstand.
DPS apps can be distributed via marketplaces such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.
Distribute apps directly to enterprise users, and leverage restricted distribution of DPS content.
Learn how to integrate DPS with leading Content Management Systems. Leverage CMS workflows to quickly assemble DPS Folios, repurposing corporate media assets from across the organization.